V-day Champagne Cocktail

Every holiday or celebration should be the perfect excuse to have a little bubbly. I wanted to share this fun and easy pretty pink cocktail with all of your in honor of Valentine's Day! Rather than go with the typical mimosa, consisting of champagne and orange juice, spice things up with this yummy concoction.  It's easy enough that you could run to the grocery store after work today and pick up the ingredients for you and your honey (or just you!)

You Will Need:
  • 1 Bottle of Champagne
  • Diet Cherry 7-Up
  • Fresh Raspberries

 Here We Go:
  • Pour the champagne glass half full of champagne (or 3/4 full if you are more like me)
  • Fill remaining glass with Diet Cherry 7-Up
  • Drop in 1 or 2 fresh raspberries

Happy Feasting!
(Don't mind the brand of champagne...)

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