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Happy Feasting!


Anne Taylor said...

Hey Kate!! I LOVE your website! So this may be a secret family recipe, but we always have the most amazing apple-type coffee cake on Christmas morning at the Schaaf's. And I'm pretty sure your mom or maybe you makes it? I would love to try that out, if of course you are willing to share?!!
Anne Taylor

Kate said...

Anne Taylor! I'm so glad that you are loving the blog. I'm having lots of fun thinking up new dishes (Whit is especially happy about itas you can imagine..haha!). That apple cake is amazing and it is my mom's recipe for sure. I am happy to share it and I will get it from her. It was her mom's recipe and I think the recipe is still on a scrap of old paper that my gramma wrote it down on. As soon as she gives it to me I will send it your way. Hope you, Alexander and Isabel are have a good Fall!Thanks for following the blog!

James Annie said...

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