Wedding Registry : For the Foodie Bride and Groom

Calling all future foodie brides!

Having just gotten married this past August, I can relate to having to create a wedding registry. You go to places like Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond and other local boutiques in your hometown, and you add anything and everything you think you might need during your 50+ years of marriage. The one thing that you don't get to register for is a meal! What a brilliant concept -with every restaurant you register for you are simply helping to keep the romance alive (post marriage) by registering for date nights in advance - what could be better that that?

Foodieregistry just launched and it is a wedding registry for restaurant gift certificates. You create your registry, customize your registry and pick your restaurants! Your friends and family can go to this website and search the restaurants that you have registered for (currently it is available in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Denver).

The site was created by a bride and groom who, just like most of us, didn't want to register for superfluous gifts. The bride decided to bail on the traditional registry and instead made a list of their favorite Chicago eats. They ended up receiving over 75% of the restaurant gift certificates that they had asked for and thus, what they coined the "Free Dinner Date Night" was born.

ps: this would also be great when registering for all of your baby gear!

Happy Feasting!


Alexis said...

Look at your beautiful wedding picture :) I love it! And I want to register for some date nights!

Kate said...

You and Adam definitely should register for some date nights! Can you imagine if this was an option when we registered?! Amazing!

Cakewhiz said...

Your wedding picture is stunning and you guys look so happy :)
This "free dinner date night" idea is great!

Kate said...

Cakewhiz, thanks so much for the note! It is hard to believe that August was so long ago and yes, I absolutely agree, the free dinner date night is fabulous!

Brinkley said...

Kate, this is such a cool idea! Thank you so much for posting, blog friend!

Kate said...

Brinkley, Isn't it awesome?! Now if only it was in Charleston and you and Frank could use it!