Happy Hour Friday: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

This past weekend I was in DC with a bunch my college girlfriends. Since graduation, we all try to get together once a year if possible. Last year it was New York City and this year it was Washington. The weekend was filled with staying out too late, mimosa brunches, shopping in Georgetown and a delicious meal Saturday night at Chef Geoff's downtown. I think we were on our fourth bottle of sauvignon blanc and second round of cosmopolitans (there were a lot of us!) when one of my friends said "Kate, you should totally talk about cocktails on your blog!". I had definitely thought about this before, but it was sort of a fleeting thought and I decided that I was going to focus solely on food. Well, needless to say, I have changed my mind.

Welcome to Happy Hour Friday! From here on out, every other Friday, I hope to discuss great bottles of wine, beers, cocktails and maybe even a handful of delish virgin happy hour treats! As summer is just around the corner, I know that people will be flocking to bars after work or heading home to grill-out with friends, and after a long work week it doesn't get much better than a happy hour!

Now onto this week's wine...

Given that this resurfaced while consuming many bottles of sauvignon blanc, I figured that it was only appropriate that my first happy hour post be just that. When it comes to wine, I am not prejudice - red or white will be just fine. I will say, though, that on a regular basis I definitely drink more white wine than red wine. And of the white wines, sauvignon blanc is generally my go-to.

New Zealand's Oyster Bay is a crisp and refreshing wine. I first purchased a bottle of this affordable wine while living in New York City because at roughly $12 per bottle it was exactly what I could afford.  Now, even though my budget could probably afford a little more why would I stray? Don't try to fix what isn't broken and this wine is definitely not broken. Natalie MacLean, drinks blogger for Epicurious, writes “This is one of the most consistently delicious and refreshing whites on store shelves. The fruit for this New Zealand wine is gently pressed and the juice is cold-settled to retain its freshness. It has a vibrant, zesty flavor with enticing notes of passion fruit and lime, and works both as an aperitif for cocktail parties and paired with a wide range of dishes, from shellfish to vegetarian." I couldn't agree more with her comments. Go and get yourself some Oyster Bay!

Enjoy your Happy Hour!


Peggy said...

I've had this wine before and I agree with you, it's one of my faves!

Kate said...

Peggy, I'm so glad that you agree. I think Oyster Bay is so tasty and such a great deal! You can't beat a $12 bottle of wine!

jennifer marchoudi said...

Funny, my go to white as well here in London. Bonus is they sell it in the grocery store, often times on sale. I love one stop shopping.

jennifer marchoudi said...

P.S. I love the blog too :)