And We're Back...

After an amazing three week European adventure, my husband and I are back stateside with a few extra pounds and a little jet lag. We had such an amazing trip as we ate and drank our way through Spain, Italy, France and Germany. I knew that all of you would be dying to see what we feasted on while abroad so I did my best to remember to take a few pictures before we dove into our food (it didn't always happen but I tried my hardest). From local markets in each city to amazing pizza, pasta and croque madames - we tried it all! So until I get back into the kitchen this week, I wanted to leave you with some food images that are sure to make your mouth water...happy feasting!

Proscuitto and Melon


From left to right: Blue cheese with walnuts, Ricotta with chives, Pecorino with pears and honey
Mussels in white wine and butter sauce

30 Minute Cheese Plate (You are to eat it clockwise in 30 minutes)

Spaghetti Bolognese
Rotini with fresh basil pesto and cherry tomatoes
Ravioli with eggplant mousse
Pizza with mozzarella, pecorino, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, fresh basil and cherry tomatoes
Croque madame
Curried gnocchi
Fresh croissants for breakfast
Fresh soft pretzels in Germany
French Onion Soup
Fresh "Sausage" pizza
We thought we were getting sausage pizza and it was hot dogs!

Mercado San Miguel


Joanna said...

All I can say is YUM! Each picture looks sooooo delicious! I think Europeans definitely know what they're doing! They use fresh ingredients, which I'm sure makes it that much better!

SvoMama said...

Hey Kate - what kind of camera were you using? the pix are great!!!
- Chris

Maris(In Good Taste) said...

Holy cow! What a fantastic trip! The food is amazing and I can't wait to see more!Welcome home!

Kate said...

Chris, I just used our cannon powershot. I was really happy with the way that they turned out!

Fresh Garden said...

Wow! Delightful and yummy!
Thanks for sharing, Kate!
I enjoyed the visit. :)

amy @ fearless homemaker said...

ooh, that curried gnocchi sounds really interesting. i've never had anything like that + since i love both curry + pasta/dumplings, i think i'd love it. maybe i'll try to recreate it at home - thanks for the inspiration!